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January 21, 2015


Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of environmental allergies forever? Well, we have that ability now with allergy shots. Allergy shots work by giving a very small amount of the allergens you test positive to in increasing doses until your body becomes immune to them. Allergy shots have been around for over 100 years and research proves they work in about 85-90% of individuals. I myself underwent allergy shots when I was about 12 years old.


For those of you that fear needles, reli...

July 31, 2014

Achoo! Have you noticed yourself sneezing more, getting itchy and watery red eyes? How about a runny or blocked nose or an itchy throat after being outside? If you answered yes, chances are you may be experiencing allergies...specifically, Hay fever. Hay fever is in full swing by-mid August and will go until the first frost. 


Did you know that it is called ‘Hay fever’ because people used to get symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, and fatigue around the time that the hay...

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