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Research Studies



The Allergy and Asthma Center of Minnesota has recently expanded to offering clinical research trials at our clinics. Our goal is to advance research and comprehension of allergies and asthma while still offering the best practices in clinical care. We have remained committed to our patients and hope that by offering additional opportunities, we can gain additional insight and solutions for individuals within our community and around the world. If interested in learning more about our studies contact us at 612-444-3247.



Current Studies:

1. CHRONICLE STUDY: Severe asthmatics age 18+, observational study. 

2. AROMA STUDY: Dupixent use in Nasal Poylys in patients 18+.

3. RAPID STUDY:  Dupixent use in Severe Asthmatics in patients 18+.

4. Tezspire Study: 18+ for severe asthmatics. May be eligible for free medications.

5. Peanut study: Patients age 4-7, peanut patch or placebo placed for a year while under observation.  


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