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Mask Wearing in Sports and Asthma

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We continue to take precautions to promote social distancing and minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure while still providing care to those that need it. We will be making changes to our office hours throughout the next few weeks as we continue to monitor COVID-19. Please know that your health is our number one concern and we are doing everything we can possible do to ensure your safety. 

TeleVisits are AVAILABLE: During this this time we are offering Televisits to current and new patients for all types of appointments. Dr. McMahon will be available to you for online video visits. If you are due for a medication refill please call our office to schedule a virtual visit to get a 6 month prescription refill. These visits take the place of an office visit and will be charged as a telemedicine visit. To schedule a virtual visit call 612-444-3247. Copays and coinsurance will apply. 


We will continue to monitor COVID-19 daily and keep you informed about any temporary office hours changes. We are very grateful for your continued support, patience and understanding during this time. Future updates will be sent as needed. Until then, please stay home as much as possible, wash your hands, adhere to social distancing guidelines, and stay well.

If you come in for an appointment or allergy injection during our office hours, please follow the protocol below:

In order to keep our office as safe as possible for appointments, we are employing some temporary measures to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. We have removed all magazines, toys, books and crayons from our office at this time.

2. We will require all patients to sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic (sanitizer will be located near the front desk).

3. If you do not feel comfortable coming in to our clinics for visits, we will offer appointments for virtual visits with our providers. Please call our office to schedule these types of visits and learn more.


4. Patients who have been to any European or Asian country and those who have attended a cruise will have to reschedule their appointments for 14 days from the day of return to the country. If a patient that a falls into this category needs a visit we will have appointments available for virtual appointments with our providers that they can schedule.


5. We are limiting visitors accompanying patients to ONE. One essential visitor can accompany a patient for office visits. An essential visitor includes: a legal guardian; a health care decision maker; and essential support (For adult patients, please do not bring children with you to your appointment unless they are a patient of ours as well and multiple people in your family have an appointment at the same time). 

6. If a patient has a temperature above 100.3 they will be asked to reschedule their appointment or do a virtual appointment with one of our providers.


Allergy Shot Patients:

We are giving allergy shots during our normal office hours in Maplewood, Woodbury and Burnsville. If you get shots in West St. Paul, please call our office to book a time for your allergy shots. To allow for greater social distancing, we do still allow patients to get their shot in the clinic and then wait in their car in our clinics parking lot for 30 minutes and then come back in the clinic to get checked. 


OIT Patients:

OIT patients can start to be seen in-clinic again. Please call our clinic to schedule your appointment.    


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