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MN Trees Are Pollinating

Believe it or not, even with snow flurries and cold days the outdoor pollens are starting to form. Tree pollen is the first of the big three (grass, weeds, and trees) to pollinate. They start to pollinate more based on the sun position rather than temperature. Tree pollen is very light and can travel hundreds of miles from its source; so don’t go cutting down trees in your yard. That is unless, you want to cut down every tree in a hundred mile radius. More useful measures to decrease exposure to pollens is to sleep with your windows closed, showering in the evening if you have been outside a lot during the day, and to follow pollen counts.

Additionally, there are several medications available that can help with allergies such as antihistamines (Zyrtec, Claritin, etc.). These mostly help with sneezing and itching. Various nasal sprays can be used and are often more beneficial. The other option is immunotherapy or allergy shots. This entails giving a person what they are allergic to in very small doses to make the body tolerant of them. It is very efficacious with studies showing greater than 80% of people having benefit. I, myself, had them done years ago. Even though I didn’t enjoy the shots I am glad I received them. So don’t fret this year when your symptoms start. Plenty of people have allergies (around 30% of Americans) and are still able to do everything they enjoy doing.

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