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Food Allergies and Easter

Food allergies are often a concern, but may cause more problems around holidays when more socializing is done around food. With Easter upon us, various candies and desserts will be enjoyed. Having a food allergy should not keep you out of the fun. Follow this link for a nice treat for those with food allergies:

People often ask me what causes food allergies or did I do something to make me or my child develop allergies. Unfortunately, we are not certain what causes food allergies. It is not something you did to yourself or your child so you should not feel guilty. More and more data is looking like the delayed introduction of foods increases the risk of food allergies. The American Academy of Pediatrics no longer recommends the delayed introduction of highly allergenic foods such as egg, milk, soy, wheat, or peanuts.

Food allergies are a very hot topic in the Allergy world now and new advances are on the horizon. Stay tuned...

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